This blog was created for two reasons: (1) to share ‘deeper concepts’ with friends and family. And (2) to cover seven core crypto investing strategies that has consistently worked for me.

This isn’t investing advice. I’m not suggesting that you use them. I’m just telling you what I do. You should do your own research.

I basically use seven core strategies.

Crypto Investing Strategy 1 – Buying quality dips.

Basically – just like the stock market – a stock will tend to trend upward while making several peaks and valleys on the way up.

One simple way to find dips is to go to a site that has a crypto chart and sort it so that it ranks starting with the highest percentage lost. The look at the top and eliminate them for various reasons (we’ll discuss in a later post).  

Then, consider buying the quality cryptos out of the bunch.

Take a look at the screenshot below.

There are different reasons why I eliminated the first 10. It could be because of one or more reasons below:

  1. I’m already invested ‘enough’ in the coin.
  2. I don’t believe that the coin will grow.
  3. I believe the coin has a new competitor that prevent growth
  4. I don’t know enough about the coin (or I don’t know anything about the coin).

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